Tiga channels love and philosophy in his latest single, ‘Eye Luv U’Tiga Press Final 03 Copy

Tiga channels love and philosophy in his latest single, ‘Eye Luv U’

Techno legend Tiga‘s latest single, “Eye Luv U” channels hard hitting bass lines and turbulent percussion to take dance floors in clubs and warehouses around the globe on a unique type of sonic journey. This track is the first original release from the Montreal native since his album No Fantasy Required, released in March of last year. The single will appear on an upcoming EP and 12″ vinyl alongside remixes of the track by Butch and Jasper James to be released on February 24. Delivered by Tiga’s own Turbo Records, this track gives fans a feel that many are used to hearing from the producer, similar to the repetitive vocals from “Bugatti” and booming kick drum from “Planet E.”

Tiga describes the inspiration for the track as coming from the coat check at a pyramid turned nightclub venue he was performing at. Above the coat check were hieroglyphics that led the artist to ponder “a world in which pictures could mean words and words could mean anything.” This moment led to the play on words featured in the title of “Eye Luv U.” Not shying away from the cerebral, Tiga goes on to remark how “it’s fascinating to conceive of different realities informed by different systems of meaning” and how humbling it is step outside of one’s own perspective. Jasper James will reportedly take a darker approach in his remix of the original track, and Butch will channel the acid synths and warehouse vibes of the 80s in his rendition.

Stream “Eye Luv U” here:

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