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UK vinyl sales in 2016 reached highest number since 1991

A vinyl renaissance of sorts has grown in concurrence with the advent of streaming as the new most popular method of music delivery. Young music enthusiasts have become fascinated by the organic warmth of a record player’s sound, and grown fond of the nostalgia it engenders. In the UK in particular, vinyl had a particularly impressive resurgence in 2016, as the country witnessed a record-breaking year of 3.2 million units sold – the highest figure for vinyl sales in the UK since 1991.

Fascinatingly, vinyl records also bested digital downloads in the UK last year when comparing how much money was spent on each technology. This could be attributed to streaming, which clocked in at 45 billion plays in 2016. “Millennials, who’ve grown up digital, are increasingly choosing to experience both current and heritage artists on vinyl also. Meanwhile older baby-boomers are embracing streaming alongside their record collections,” stated Regent Street and Goldbar Records owner Vanessa Higgins of growth in the opposing technologies.

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