Watch Bearson’s official video for ‘One Step At A Time (Feat. Natalola)’Bearson Dancingastronaut

Watch Bearson’s official video for ‘One Step At A Time (Feat. Natalola)’

Norwegian producer Bearson has revealed the official music video for his latest single, “One Step At A Time,” which features rising vocalist Natalola. Set atop a massive mattress, Route Eleven’s Mac Boucher captures two leading characters in their unwavering attempt to reach one another across a sea of sheets as an ensemble cast acts as a human obstacle course.

Through the use of kaleidoscopic shots taken from an aerial point of view, Boucher (who has co-directed videos for his sister Grimes), demonstrates his masterful skills as a director in this spellbinding visual.

Bearson said the following of the experience:

“Working with Route Eleven on this music video was a true honor. I’ve been a big fan of Grimes’ music videos, so getting to work with the people behind videos was a great experience.”

Watch the official music video above.

Via: Billboard Dance

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