This is what Donald Trump’s face sounds like [Video]Donald Trump Win

This is what Donald Trump’s face sounds like [Video]

For the past year, there has been no face more ubiquitous in the world than that of Donald Trump. Our polarizing President-elect enjoys the spotlight more than any of his predecessors, and his colorful antics ensure that his visage is in a perpetual state of media circulation. When one person’s image has reached peak cultural saturation, perhaps the only logical next step is to convert that individual’s picture into a sound wave.

That’s exactly what YouTube channel “Its Just Logic” did when they set out to answer the age old question, “What does Donald Trump’s face sound like?” Using the Serum plugin, the video’s producer converted a png file of Trump’s face into three different wav forms – a wobble, a gritty bass synth, and the lead synth – a “Trump-et” (pun courtesy of the video’s creator). The producer then arranges the three synths in Logic, adding in all the necessary features to create a suitable drop. The end result is a big room loop which sounds exactly how one might expect a song based around a converted picture of Donald Trump would sound.


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