Watch this fascinating, radioactively-powered synth in action [Video]System 55 Product Page

Watch this fascinating, radioactively-powered synth in action [Video]

Radioactivity has a vast number of uses. Be it clean energy generation, radiocarbon dating in archaeology, or any other number of divergent applications, radioactive materials have regularly proven to be an important tool to humankind.

However, David Cranmer may have found one of the most bizarre uses for radioactivity yet. Channeling his inner mad scientist, Cranmer has created a working synth module that uses a Geiger counter (a device that gives off audio clicks when in the vicinity of radioactive material) and Uranium Ore as its base elements.

In his own words, the Geiger counter module reacts to the radioactive material and “produces random voltages by comparing the time between clicks,” resulting in a very unique sound. This could quite possibly be the strangest, most ingeniously-designed synth currently in existence.View Cranmer’s radioactive synth in the video below:

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