Seth Troxler defends dance culture ahead of Fabric’s reopening [Video]Seth Troler Strawberry Fields

Seth Troxler defends dance culture ahead of Fabric’s reopening [Video]

Dance culture has proven to be a vehicle that defiantly stands in the face of adversity, and techno producer and DJ Seth Troxler is certainly one of the scene’s most outspoken advocates leading the charge.

Tonight, January 6, London’s famed Fabric nightclub will reopen after having its license revoked by the government due to a drug-related death in the venue in Summer of 2016. The venue’s forced closure was followed by a #SaveFabric campaign and a successful appeal to reverse the city’s ruling. Troxler appeared on BBC News for a roundtable discussion about the controversial decision and the never-ending topic of drugs in dance music and club culture.

“Drugs are a social problem…this isn’t only a club problem,” Seth argued when asked if drugs are an “integral part of clubbing culture.” The DJ continued, “When you look at pop music today, or pop culture, drugs are littered throughout the entire culture. The idea that dance music culture is to blame for drug use is completely ridiculous.”

Seth stated the following when addressing other sub-cultures afflicted by drug abuse:

“There are drug deaths everywhere. There are drug deaths on the street right now in London because of the heroin epidemic, but no one is talking about that. I think this is more of a story where the Council was trying to gentrify the neighborhood and using Fabric as an example for their greater will.”

Watch the full video clip below:

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