Watch Skrillex and Marshmello perform with Justin Bieber for New Years EveBieber Skrille

Watch Skrillex and Marshmello perform with Justin Bieber for New Years Eve

Mainstream pop culture and dance music seem to blend more and more by the day, and everyone loves to talk about it. But for a movement that continues to grow both socially and economically at astonishing rates, dance music purists love to cling to dance music’s underground roots — and sometimes understandably so. Though, there are few better ways to remind ourselves that dance music hasn’t quite gone totally daytime TV on us yet than watching CNN’s beautifully cringeworthy interview with Skrillex and Marshmello from Miami’s iconic Fountainbleau poolside New Year’s Eve party.

From Lindsay Tuchman’s bumbling over “Bangarang’s” appeal to fitness-oriented Baby Boomers like her dad, to Gary Tuchman trying to carry a conversation about Marshmello’s anonymity through a series of basic “yes” and “no” nods from the helmet-headed superstar, the interview was a hilariously spot on reminder that maybe the “EDM bubble” hasn’t quite landed on Generation X yet, and maybe that’s a good thing. Best question of the night: how does performing on New Years Eve differ from other nights?

From there, Skrillex and Marshmello join Justin Bieber during his performance of “Sorry” as the final moments of 2016 pass by. Bieber’s career was completely reinvigorated in 2016, and Marshmello set out on a dominating campaign that nobody really expected. Skrillex was largely at the helm of both initiatives, and it all came together full circle as 2016 came to a close in Miami. Watch Bieber’s performance here.

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