Watch Super Flu go ‘Bed2Bed’ with Bebetta in a deep house slumber party [Video]Super Flu Bebetta Bed2Bed Set

Watch Super Flu go ‘Bed2Bed’ with Bebetta in a deep house slumber party [Video]

The term “bedroom producer” is frequently thrown about in the electronic music realm. Rarely, however, does one come across a “bedroom DJ.” Though German duo Super Flu and solo artist Bebetta are experienced in the art of keeping clubbers away from their beds with extensive late night sets, they recently targeted their mixing prowess in the opposite direction. While both acts are highly-esteemed deep house purveyors, they make sure not to take themselves too seriously, as evinced by their new “bed2bed” video.

In line with their quirky quintessences, Super Flu and Bebetta’s collaborative set is a bona fide slumber party. Cozily nestled in bed with a full CDJ rig, Super Flu’s Felix Thielemann wears a bathrobe, cap, and scarf, while Mathias Shwarz and Bebetta sport a pair of truly envy-inducing onesies. Impish and whimsical as the video’s mise en scène may be, the set itself is serious business. Spanning just over two hours in length, Super Flu and Bebetta’s mix explores a tasteful selection of mesmerizing deep house. While we highly recommend watching the set in the video above, the full audio of the mix is available to stream and download below.

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