11 artists pay tribute to The BPM FestivalADID BPM

11 artists pay tribute to The BPM Festival

11 Artists pay tribute to The BPM Festival

For the past ten years, The BPM Festival has served as one of the world’s most iconic electronic music festivals. Upwards of 70,000 fans descend on Mexico’s paradisiac Playa del Carmen each January for 10 days of house and techno bliss. In many ways, the festival has become the crown jewel of the electronic underground.

Unfortunately, on January 16, on the last day of the festival’s 2017 edition, that reputation was forever marred by the tragic shooting at Blue Parrot nightclub which claimed the lives of five victims.

In the wake of the festival’s potential banning from Playa Del Carmen, Dancing Astronaut — in collaboration with The BPM Festival — reached out to 11 of the event’s most cherished performers to pay tribute to the festival and everything it stands for.

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Steve Lawler

“Being there from the very first year, I have watched how this grew from a select few clubs in Playa to the mammoth stage set in the jungle, and I had always said to many people including DJ’s that this week dedicated to underground parties is the best there is, for me, better than WMC, better than Sonar Week and better than ADE. Mainly because the venues and freedom to party in the beautiful setting that Mexico can offer with the (most the time) incredible weather. My highlights was our very first Warriors show back in 2012 and playing the Jungle for Paradise in 2016. It would be such a shame to lose this festival, but all this being said I would like to send my love to the families of those who lost someone in this tragedy, my heart goes out to them.”

Danny Tenaglia

“The BPM festival and every musical gathering should never end in such tragedy as it did last week in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I’ve had the honor of playing at least 5 years now at BPM as well as The Blue Parrot where this unfortunate incident took place. It was just the previous Saturday as we were at Parrot celebrating a joyful Be Yourself event, but then I went onward to Peru where I had woken to this news via bunch of messages from friends and loved ones asking if I was OK? Naturally, this was very surreal and it didn’t feel any different than if I were told it was an act of terror because in many ways, although not the usual war related politics, this was most definitely terrorizing to any who was there. And even though I was blessed with not having to personally witness it, this still hits us at home once again as we are all hearing of yet another “heinous” act committed in a nightclub where so many innocent lives have been taken, i.e. Paris, Orlando, Istanbul, etc.”

Danny Tenaglia (continued)

“My heart goes out to all of the victims, their families and loved ones. One of the victims Daniel Pessina was visiting from Italy and this touched me deeply because at first there was confusion that this was someone I knew personally, but after seeing his photo I can’t say that I did recall knowing him. Either way, for everyone involved it’s one big loss no matter how we look at it. Playa Del Carmen is a magical place filled with so many wonderful locals and it’s been a joy to reunite there annually and watch all the hotels, clubs, restaurants, shops, taxis, vendors light up and flourished the first 2 weeks each January. I am sure it was a wonderful way for them to start their New Year with the help of BPM and all of us in attendance.

Life will go on, the music will go on as will BPM, Blue Parrot and other clubs and festivals, but can we honestly say that it will BE the same? Absolutely not. Just like we’ve lost MJ, Prince, Bowie, George Michael, David Mancuso, Frankie Knuckles, Larry Levan, etc., and hell, just about every single great venue that I’ve ever witnessed in NYC since 1977 that are all gone too. But “music IS the answer” once again to help us all to heal, reunite and keep on moving forward with Love, Respect & Concern for one another.”

Josh Wink

“I am deeply saddened about what happened this year at the closing party for The BPM festival in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. I was shocked and profoundly concerned for all in attendance and still in disbelief that this tragedy could happen at such a positive music festival. Over the years I was happy and fortunate to be involved with BPM, as both a DJ, and a record label. BPM was always a highlight to my year, showcasing record labels and amazing artists in the warmth of Mexico during winter, where I would bring my family in tow each year. My condolences go to the families and friends of the unfortunate people who had their lives taken that horrible night.”

Mark Knight

“What happened at BPM is such a tragedy. I was there a few days before and the vibe of the entire event was so positive: it felt like a real community, and for the actions of one person to have affected so many others is devastating. My thoughts are with the organisers of BPM who have always been incredibly professional and passionate about their event, and of course with the friends and families of those directly involved.”

Chus & Ceballos

“WOW Time flies, we’ve been playing at BPM since day one, when it was just a bunch of friends hanging out in Playa del Carmen, escaping from the winter cold. We have fond memories of those good days. BPM has grown dizzyingly since then, becoming our favorite festival of all time for many reasons;

First of all, an unpolluted Line-Up, based on quality electronic music for mature audiences, for music lovers and for all of us!
What makes BPM unique is the concept of hosting a wide range of parties and showcases in different venues, beach clubs and special spots like the Jungle, being performed throughout the day and night. and last but not least, the unmatchable vibe of celebration that everyone has when you get into this lovely place, such a beautiful location Playa del Carmen and all the Riviera Maya.

BPM is part of us, we all are BPM and we’ll be supporting the festival wherever they go, you’ll never walk alone my friends!”


“Along with the rest of the dance music community, we’re shocked and saddened by what took place while we were playing at the elrow closing party to The BPM Festival in Mexico last night. What was supposed to be a night of celebrating music turned to tragedy. Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with all of those affected, especially the families and loved ones of the people that tragically lost their lives. As members members of the dance music industry I hope we can stand together against this kind of mindless violence and support one another in these dark moments, while continuing to spread love though music.”

Ramiro Lopez

“I’ve been lucky to have played at the last 3 editions of The BPM Festival consecutively. It’s turned into one of my favorite festivals and the best way to start the year. The combination of an incredible program of artists with the beauty of Playa del Carmen makes it unique. I only have fond memories of the festival, where good vibes have dominated with the public that come from all over the planet.”


“If there is a reason I’ve always liked BPM it is because of the good atmosphere and vibes that you live at all of the parties. No aggressiveness, no bad feelings at all. This year I’ve been at Martina Beach, Blue Parrot, Wah Wah, Caníbal Royal, Salsanera, La Santanera… and everyone had happy faces. I’ve seen once again people of all nations and cultures dancing and enjoying the same beat. It is all about the music. BPM is a necessary event which brings a lot to the music scene, so i hope that- wherever it takes place- we can continue to enjoy it for many years…”

Riva Starr

“The BPM vibe is second to none, I’ve always had the best time there. In recent years, I’ve even had the chance to experience the real love from fans of my label, Snatch, at our showcases. It’s not everyday you find such a strong community of industry people and fans all together enjoying music in such a magical environment.”

Robbie Akbal

“The BPM Festival has contributed a lot to grow the electronic music scene in all the Mayan Riviera and also in Mexico. The Festival has helped to develop the brand Akbal Music to a worldwide exposure.”

Soul Clap

“The BPM Festival has been a beautifully sun drenched creative platform for our global Crew Love initiative.  From our beginnings at La Santanera to Mamitas to finding a home at Canibal Royal, our annual party has been a highlight where we’ve been able to deliver new music and good vibrations year after year.  While people come from all over the world, what makes BPM so special are the Latin Americans and especially the Mexicans who celebrate the festival as their own.  Tacos, mezcal, thrills, memories, adventure, our spirits will continue to dance south of the border onwards and forever.  The Crew salutes you BPM… Thank you to the people of Playa Del Carmen, Tulum and elsewhere for hosting us and our zany benefactors.”

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