You can now press your remains into vinyl [Video]Gramophone Player Vinyl 102795

You can now press your remains into vinyl [Video]

Vinyl is at the peak of its renaissance period, with record sales reaching levels not seen in decades, largely thanks to newfound consumer fascination with the technology’s warm imperfections and nostalgic appeal. Increased demand has catalyzed growth in every facet surrounding it, from groundbreaking new pressing technology to services that will press vinyl tracks on demand.

Tapping into this vein is the fledgling British company Andvinyl, which offers a clients a custom vinyl made of the most unique material: themselves. Indeed, music lovers who want to be remembered through a soundtrack of their choice can sit down with the company and plan a package of 30 records that would be pressed after their death with their own ashes. The idea is poignantly comforting, as the company is now exploring a sentimental avenue of being eco-friendly and immortalized after death.

Andvinyl’s basic post-cremation vinyl package starts at 3,000 pounds, with several other fun add-ons, such as distributing records to various shops, or assigning songs to specific body parts.

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