Danny Avila shows a softer side in Gavin James remix [Premiere]Gavin James IDKW Danny Avila Remi

Danny Avila shows a softer side in Gavin James remix [Premiere]


Asserting his versatility in a crowded production landscape, young producer Danny Avila’s first release of the year is a surprising flip of singer-songwriter Gavin James’ gut wrenching track “I Don’t Know Why.” The blissed out remix started as a passion project for Avila who enjoyed the song’s powerful vocal and stripped back melody, but once James and his label heard the track they were determined to give it a proper release.

“Over the last year I was experimenting a lot with different sounds and styles,” said Avila, who’s currently working his way through international tour dates in China and Europe.  “I was playing around with this pop song I really liked and I tried to create something different just for fun.”

Days later, the track is set for an official debut.


In the time since this track first surfaced back in 2014, a number of gorgeous, stripped back takes have appeared in live form and James has become a major star in his own right. His breakout hit “Nervous” launched him into festival lineup territory and multi-platinum sales internationally. Now James counts Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith among his fans. More for the radio than the dance floor, Avila’s cut highlights the delicate charm of the original vocals in his remix, weaving tropical-infused synth melodies through gentle guitar fretwork. The soaring chorus plays out over a subtly driving beat and, as the bridge releases, so do the pulsing synth chords. It’s an infectious effort that borders on euphora.

Perhaps more importantly the track highlights Avila’s cross-genre dexterity and signals what’s sure to be a varied career ahead.


Gavin James’ ‘I Don’t Know Why (Danny Avila Remix)’ will be out on all major platforms February 10.


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