DJs react to the Patriots’ historic Super Bowl LI victoryMarshmello Skrille Superbowl LI

DJs react to the Patriots’ historic Super Bowl LI victory

Super Bowl LI, held last night between the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons, will be remembered as one the greatest comebacks in NFL history. Despite their major disadvantage coming into the second half, the Patriots came back formidably in the 11th hour, and would ultimately win by six points in the first overtime in Super Bowl history. This victory cemented Patriots’ star quarterback and Captain Tom Brady’s status as an NFL god, winning his fifth Super Bowl title and fourth MVP prize, the most earned by any individual.

Needless to say, a Super Bowl game with such a dramatic sting in the tail blew up all over the internet, with a lot of famous DJs weighing in on the matter as well. Read tweets from Diplo, Skrillex, marshmello, and more below.

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