Even Giorgio Moroder likes The Chainsmokers: ‘They’re quite good’Giorgio

Even Giorgio Moroder likes The Chainsmokers: ‘They’re quite good’

Many know Giorgio Moroder as a forefather of contemporary pop and to some extent, EDM due to his early experimentation with electronic instruments. The legendary figure recently sat down with Paper Magazine, where he went into detail on his musical past, memorable collaborations he’s done, and of course the changing landscape of music production and the industry in general.

One intriguing and slightly unexpected topic that came up was Moroder’s love for crossover hitmakers, The Chainsmokers. After discussing the connection he feels with pop now that it’s influenced so heavily by electronic music, he then replied that he loves the infamous duo and commented further on their skill: “They are quite different from what you hear, they don’t care about steady rhythm or steady dance. They’re quite good.” He indeed makes an astute observation; while their music encounters backlash from niche electronic music communities, the two certainly know how to craft music that becomes an instant hit with the general public.

Moroder also mentioned working with Daft Punk, who he says “know my music better than I do,” his innate passion for DJing, and the potential comeback of disco as people seek music with a longer shelf life than the easily-digestible EDM tropes that currently dominate the market. Read the rest of the interview here.

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