Google’s latest AI project acts as a virtual duet partnerAI Duet

Google’s latest AI project acts as a virtual duet partner

In a bid to help people familiarize themselves with AI, Google’s Creative Lab have recently unveiled an AI bot that can make its own music. Called AI Duet, the bot assimilates the notes being played by the computer’s keyboard, searches for identifiable patterns in the sound clipping, and gives its own musical output as a direct response to the input sound; a lot like a duet. This is all done without a preset code dictating the bot’s actions; it does all the ‘thinking’ by itself.

The bot was created by Yotam Mann under project Magenta, Google’s open source computational music and art project. Due to the project being in its infancy, the tunes sent back by the bot seem a bit haphazard at times, and will definitely not make the user a better musician. However, as a sheer technological marvel, this project does stand out among others.

See the bot in action below:

Via: The Verge

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