Legendary producer David Axelrod dies at 83David Aelrod Capitol Records

Legendary producer David Axelrod dies at 83

David Axelrod may not be a household name in dance music, but those who have listened to music by the likes of Lil’ Wayne, Dr. Dre, and various other iconic rappers are familiar with his work. Now, the community gathers to recognize his work and mourn the loss of the legendary producer after news has risen of his passing at the age of 83.

Heavily influenced by jazz, Axelrod broke into the industry in 1959 with his first record before becoming known for his legendary works which fused a melange of genres together into a cutting-edge and timeless sound that would be sampled for decades to come. His work in particular inspired hip-hop artists, with notable tracks such as Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode” using cuts from his song called “The Edge,” which he produced for David Callum in the ’60s.

The producer’s music spread past hip-hop as well; Sublime used his song “Holy Thursday” in their single “Doing Time,” while Lauryn hill was also known for sampling him in the 1990’s.

Axelrod’s passing has already sparked an outpouring of remembrance from other musicians on social media. DJ Shadow wrote that he was honored to have known such a “bonafide hero,” while Questlove spoke about his musicianship and appreciation for hip-hop.

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