Lil B explores minimal electronic music in ‘Enter the Depths’Lil B Cooking Dance

Lil B explores minimal electronic music in ‘Enter the Depths’

Bay Area rapper Lil B is a man of many talents and idiosyncrasies. Brandon McCartney is as prolific as he is eccentric, boasting a countless catalogue of songs (which includes a single 855-track mixtape) and quite possibly the most active Twitter presence in the world. In fact, given his Twitter following roster of 1.48 million accounts, there is a good chance that a bulk of the people reading this article have been followed and/or retweeted by the Based God themselves.

Lil B’s latest endeavor sees him dabble in experimental electronic music production. McCartney provides the score for A Nation Under Our Feet, the tenth episode of Ta Nehisi Coates’ Black Panther comic series for Marvel. For “Enter the Depths,” the track which underlays Coates’ commentary in the video below, Lil B juxtaposes minimal, cerebral synthesis with stripped-back percussion to evoke a style not entirely dissimilar from much of Jon Hopkins’ work. Dark, deep, and brooding, the Based God’s newest musical output is a far cry from hits like “Ellen Degeneres” and “Wonton Soup.”


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