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Migos – Bad and Boujee (ZHU Remix)

Migos are on top of the world right now. The Atlanta trio have been virtually ubiquitous since the release of their sophomore album, Culture, near the end of January. Migos’ omnipresence has, of course, been primarily thanks to “Bad and Boujee.” In the months since its release as a single in October 2016, the trio’s collaboration with Metro Boomin and Lil Uzi Vert has evolved from a staple of viral memes into the group’s new benchmark hit.

The appeal of “Bad and Boujee”propelled the single to the top of the Hot 100 for several weeks, and has earned highly visible lip-service from stars such as Donald Glover and Ellen Degeneres. As is the case with most songs that resonate throughout the country’s commercial zeitgeist, “Bad and Boujee” has also managed to penetrate the dance music realm.

The most recent producer to manipulate Migos’ hit record is ZHU. On February 19, the enigmatic producer premiered his unexpected remix of the track at Los Angeles’ Air + Style festival. Three days later, ZHU has surprised his fans once again by abruptly releasing his revision in full.

ZHU’s “Bad and Boujee” remix marks his first release since his debut album last summer, GENERATIONWHY. Listening through, one realizes the rarity of remixes from the artist; his thoughtful treatment of the track manifests in a unique form of complex simplicity.

While the key vocal components to Migos’ original track remain highlighted, the remix retains all of the tropes that define a ZHU classic. Crisp, chilling synthesis and skillful sample syncopation stand out among the song’s most successful elements. Meanwhile ZHU’s own recognizably haunting vocals provide an intriguing reprise of Migos’ lyrics at points throughout the the track.

With festival season looming in the midst of Migos-mania, ZHU’s “Bad and Boujee” remix is sure to soon achieve near-ubiquity itself.

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