New Gorillaz album is finished, live rehearsals underwayGorillaz

New Gorillaz album is finished, live rehearsals underway

In a surprise interaction with a lucky fan, Damon Albarn revealed that Gorillaz‘ new album is in the bag. After waiting outside the venue where he works, Jack Winstanley was lucky enough to score an audience with the multi talented musician.  According to a series of tweets he posted following the encounter, Albarn disclosed that the album was ‘finished’ and live tour rehearsals are already underway.


The band have been drumming up publicity for their first LP since 2011’s “The Fall” with a string of appearances and a single, “Hallelujah Money“, released last month, but have yet to release any album specifics. Though tour dates have yet to be announced either, there’s at least one high profile vacancy for fans to be hopeful about.

Via: NME

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