Shambhala releases full 90 minute sets from Getter and Sub FocusShambhala Music Festival

Shambhala releases full 90 minute sets from Getter and Sub Focus

Shambhala Films has just released the ninety minute sets of two of the festival’s biggest headliners, bass music pioneer Getter and legendary Drum and Bass innovator Sub Focus.

Staged on a farm in the Kootenay mountains in British Colombia, Canada, Shambhala has become the epicenter for embracing individuality and connecting with music enthusiasts from all walks of life. The four day camping festival is also renowned for attracting some of the biggest electronic dance music talent and hosting some of the hardest bass-heavy sets in any festival’s history.

One of the most anticipated sets of last year’s Shambhala was Getter, whose presence in dubstep in recent years has helped the genre to resurge in popularity in America. The set video takes us right behind the decks with the dubstep forerunner, who seemingly head bangs as hard as his fans do. Tanner Petulla once again shows the world that he’s not just another DJ on a list – Getter is an entity of interactive performance and passion for subsonic bass. Blending hip hop, hyped trap, and blistering dubstep, Petulla’s unmatched presence and golden selection of head banging classics reminds us all why he’s a veteran to Shambhala’s acclaimed list of bass heavy acts.

Over at the village stage, Sub Focus sheds the limelight on the best of the UK’s Drum & Bass scene with his first ever set on a Shambhala stage. Nick Douwma’s set is driven by a ruthless, pommeling song selection with legendary DnB classics, small doses of festival trap and bouncy house switch-ups, and uncut tunes fit for the accelerated minds of high-paced BPM enthusiasts. With heavy bass-lines, polyrhythmic old-school beats, and MC I.D’s driving vocals, Nick Douwma gives the crowd a ninety-minute taste of why he’s one of the leading practitioners of the UK’s DnB scene.

Take a glimpse at the exhilarating sets from two of bass music’s finest below:

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