Skrillex continues to diversify, this time linking with Incubus for new collaborationSkrille Bonnarroo Superjam 2014

Skrillex continues to diversify, this time linking with Incubus for new collaboration

The one rule Skrillex has always played by is that nothing is ever out of bounds. Since Sonny Moore launched the Skrillex Myspace page, he’s climbed to the highest echelons of dance music by keeping us guessing. He’s dabbled in acid house with Boys Noize, hip-hop with Vic Mensa and A$AP Rocky, pop with Bieber, and inventive, new spins on rock genres with Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek of the Doors, and perhaps a little less notably, with Korn. Now in 2017, Skrillex’s next move appears to be a full circle comeback to his rock roots, and it looks like he’s linking with Incubus on an upcoming collaboration.

The 90’s alternative rock figureheads are in the studio polishing off a new record due sometime later this year. The band is apparently experimenting with new sounds, but Skrillex is reportedly featured on the album. Described as “frickin’ fantastic” by KROQ’s Music Director Lisa Worden, our guess is this one is bound to be uninhibited metal-inspired rock with a fresh, innovative kick from Skrillex.

We’re seeing what could be another pivot in the Skrillex saga, as Sonny Moore circles back to rock n’ roll. He’s already linked back up with From First To Last on “Make War,” he’s been noticeably absent from major festival headlines signaling to what we hope is major chunks of studio time. Whether Sonny is writing a solo record or headed back to the rock world for now, keep in mind, nothing is too far out of bounds for Skrillex.

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