Sony is reportedly patenting blink-powered video recording contact lensSony Logo 1

Sony is reportedly patenting blink-powered video recording contact lens

Ever wanted to record a concert only to be foiled by a signal-blocking Farraday bag? That’s about to change. Reportedly, Sony has patented a novel idea in the realm of optics. Moving away from wearable optics that enhance vision, connect to the internet, or provide immersive VR, the company has taken a leaf out of the Mission Impossible series and patented a contact lens that can record video.

Perhaps most interestingly, the lens is powered by the energy generated from the eye’s movements using piezoelectric devices that convert sheer stress into electric charges. The lens is powered on and off by blinking, with sensors that actively differentiate between intentional and unintentional blinks.

Although the initial patent was filed in mid-2016, the concept is still making waves in the tech world due to its sheer ingenuity and the wide reaching implications across many industries. The main task that remains for Sony is figuring out a way to mass produce the product and how to manage the surely innumerable applications for which it could be used outside of legal bounds.

H/T: The Mind Unleashed

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