Stream Louis The Child’s b2b with Big Gigantic and more at Holy ShipLouis The Child B2b Big Gigantic B2b Slander B2b Ghastly B2b Jai Wolf B2b Manila Killa

Stream Louis The Child’s b2b with Big Gigantic and more at Holy Ship

HARD’s Holy Ship! festival is known for many things, not least of which is the environment the cruise festival fosters for inspiring extensive, eclectic back-to-back sets. The newest recording to surface from 2017 is a stacked “b2b2b2b2b2b” set by Louis the Child, Big Gigantic, Slander, Ghastly, Jai Wolf, and Manila Killa performed from the ship’s Manhattan Lounge.

Louis the Child kicks off the 105-minute set with some smooth, atmospheric future tracks before passing the decks off to Jai Wolf and Manila Killa, who then embark on a daring adventure of pop, future, hip-hop and heavy trap.

In the next segment of the set, Big Gigantic circles back to Louis the Child’s trend, melding futuristic sounds with radio pop vocals. Though the set is filled with songs that everyone can sing along to, perhaps the most memorable track played out was the theme song from Spongebob Squarepants which seemed only appropriate for the crowd’s third day aboard the cruise ship.

The torch is then passed off to Slander and Ghastly, who switch the vibe up with a blend of new trap cuts and old Skrillex and Flosstradamus tracks before transitioning the set into a hard-hitting blend of future house, moombahton, and more. With a stylistically diverse tracklist including nostalgic throwbacks from Gorillaz, The White Stripes, and Usher, this set is guaranteed to inspire many listeners to set sail with Gary Richards and friends in 2018.

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