Tim Penner works dark magic on new J00F Aura EPThe Temptress Tim Penner

Tim Penner works dark magic on new J00F Aura EP

Tim Penner’s brand of dark, entrancing progressive has made him a well-known new talent within the scene. Penner, who was recently invited to mix J00F Recordings’ third DJ Sessions compilation, has been a favorite of label-head John 00 Fleming for quite some time. Now, the Canadian DJ makes his return to the imprint’s Aura arm with a stunning EP, titled The Temptress.

The two-track release opens with its titular single, which plays upon emotions with haunting vocal samples and a brief, but intense breakdown. Penner brings his signature dark touch to the composition with futuristic synths that cast a shadowy aura over the piece while it treads along intriguing rhythmic elements.

Things slide down to a melancholic, ethereal level with “The Guardian,” which closes out The Temptress. It unfolds slowly across a billowing ambient soundscape graced by celestial accents before a bout of deep, pungent triplets and eerie vocals signal the piece’s dramatic and otherworldly climax. When the kicks finally begin hitting during “The Guardian’s” second half, the sense of release that ensues immediately stimulates a sense of euphoria that persists until its final moment.

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