A-Trak shares slick Grammy tribute to Chance The Rapper [Video]A Trak

A-Trak shares slick Grammy tribute to Chance The Rapper [Video]

Following historic wins at the 59th annual Grammy Awards last week, Chance The Rapper is riding high as hip-hop’s undisputed brightest up-and-comer. The congratulations have been pouring in from rap heavyweights like Drake and Kendrick Lamar. Now, one of electronic music’s most respected figureheads is paying homage to the emerging young rapper with some skillful DJing.

Lending his own congratulatory nod to the Coloring Book emcee, A-Trak has shared a nasty new scratch routine to “No Problem” celebrating Chance with his own turntable take on one of 2016’s biggest tracks.

Hip-hop and electronic music’s converging roots run deep. Selectors and emcees were both originally bred from the same underground New York party culture in the ’80s, and now in the modern day, we’re seeing DJs and rappers reaching the highest echelons of mainstream success. Both proud Kanye West-affiliates at one time or another, Chano and A-Trak’s own artistic roots run deep as well. Maybe one day we’ll get to hear Chance bars over an A-Trak beat. Until then, we can enjoy this well-deserved tribute to the face of rap’s future by one of electronic music’s most seasoned vets.

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