Watch Eric Prydz play a Pryda remix of his Cirez D track ‘On Off’ [Video]Eric Prydz EPIC 4.0 Wizard Of Oz Huh

Watch Eric Prydz play a Pryda remix of his Cirez D track ‘On Off’ [Video]

Few artists wear as many hats as Eric Prydz. The Swedish visionary is perhaps just as beloved for his darker, techno-driven Cirez D alias and enchanting Pryda alter-ego as he is for his endeavors under his real name. There is a healthy amount of interplay between the three personae of Prydz’s musical trinity, both in his DJ sets and his productions.

At a performance at Pune, India’s Blue Frog venue during Vh1 Supersonic, Eric Prydz showed off the newest interaction between his alternate identities. “On Off” stands firmly among the the producer’s most successful tracks from his Cirez D moniker. Released in 2009, the piece centers around minimal synthesis and a buoyant, perpetually driving rhythm.

When retooled through the Pryda perspective, however, the club staple takes on a different form entirely. Stunning pads and further mesmerizing synthesis endow “On Off” with an electrifying quality that deviates significantly from the essence of the original production. The remix is forthcoming on Prydz’s own Mouseville imprint, though its release date is currently unannounced. In the meantime, the artist’s preview of the track engenders further anticipation for his 2017 Pryda album.

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