Watch official footage from Skrillex’s From First To Last reunion [Video]Skrille From First To Last

Watch official footage from Skrillex’s From First To Last reunion [Video]

Tuesday, February 7, Sonny Moore temporarily shed the Skrillex moniker and stepped away from his CDJs to perform with From First To Last. The reunion show, held at Emo Nite in LA, was the first time that Moore had publicly performed with his seminal band in 11 years.

Following the Emo Nite appearance and Moore’s studio reunion with the band for January’s “Make War” single, the vocalist-turned-producer has uploaded a high-quality video of the performance to his official YouTube channel. Edited by Liam Underwood, the concert footage shows Moore sing and play guitar with his old bandmates for fourteen minutes.

The video is an intriguing watch, regardless of one’s stance toward From First To Last’s musical style. From First To Last devotees will likely be excited to see the first official footage of the band with Sonny onstage this decade; Skrillex fans, conversely, may be interested to witness the bass music influencer in a totally different habitat.

The performance can be watched in the above video player.

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