Zedd reveals details of his ACLU benefit showZedd Rukes 2013

Zedd reveals details of his ACLU benefit show

When Zedd first announced his ACLU benefit show following President Trump’s highly-criticized travel ban, a large number of artists fell in line to support his idea. The concert, which will be held in Los Angeles this April, features names like Imagine Dragons, Skrillex, Tinashe, Incubus, and Macklemore. The performance will mark the largest benefit concert organized since the 2016 election.

Zedd – real name, Anton Zaslavski – has also revealed that the entire was planned from scratch in only 72 hours. Talking about the concert, Zaslavski said, “I think you could get artists to perform for free much more if it’s for something that’s connected to the world.” He also added that he felt a “personal connection” to the travel ban, being someone who “was born in one country, lived in another and then in another – without a visa or a green card.”  But perhaps most important, is the aim of the show which is “not necessarily anti-Trump. It fights for everyone’s liberties.”

Zaslavski himself was quite proud with the final outcome of the lineup, especially with the addition of Incubus, which are a band he “grew up with” and were also a part of his “musical education. “

The concert will be held on April 3 at the Staples Center in LA.

Via: Rolling Stone

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