Zeds Dead drop off an aced hour-long Quest Mix for Annie NightingaleZeds Dead Press Photo 2014

Zeds Dead drop off an aced hour-long Quest Mix for Annie Nightingale

It has been nearly a decade since Zeds Dead emerged on the scene, and despite their knack for blistering bass cuts, DC and Hooks have managed to avoid being tied down by any single genre for too long. The duo’s well-rounded palate shines through in their colorful catalog which frequently dabbles in different house sub-genres, drum n’ bass, hip-hop and a healthy dose of dub reggae. Showcasing their variant production style and their diverse taste in a new hour-long Quest Mix for Annie Nightingale, the Canadian bass lords put together a session that impressively captures their chameleonic method.

Zeds Dead’s arsenal could easily fill the entire mix, but instead, they dig deep into their crates and pull out hours of genre-blurring selections from across the board. DC and Hooks put on everything including a series of unreleased new tunes. The mix travels across a wide spectrum of sounds and inspirations in their brand new BBC Quest Mix, just like the pair’s own body of work.

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