Follow these 12 women who are dominating dance music todayAlison Wonderland 2

Follow these 12 women who are dominating dance music today

12 female artists to follow in honor of International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are highlighting some of the best and brightest women DJs and producers from around the world. From mainstage headliners, to queens of the underground and tastemaking icons, these women continue to exemplify some of the most-talented, forward-thinking, and exciting artists in the industry today.

Words by Christina Hernandez, Ryan Hinkley, David Klemow, Will McCarthy, and Michael Sundius.

Photos via Rukes, Michael Drummond, Playboy, and courtesy of artists.

Nina Kraviz

Techno can often feel like a bit of a Boys’ Club (and truthfully, it is), but Nina Kraviz defies that convention. The Russian DJ consistently serves as one of the underground’s most sought-after international talents — and for good reason: her performances are truly one-of-a-kind. Spinning all vinyl, Nina dexterously weaves through genres are disparate as techno, trance, and drum ‘n’ bass to construct a style that is rugged, bold, and, above all, downright invigorating.

– Michael Sundius


Rising out of Brazil and enchanting global audiences with her percussive, driving sound, ANNA has established herself as a crucial act to watch over the past few years. Original works by her such as “Odd Concept,” “Redemption,” and “Artha” have been lauded by the underground community, feeding into an increased demand for her live presence in European music hotspots that led to her move to Barcelona. Carrying out a heavy travel schedule as of late after a string of successful remixes and EPs the year prior and a favored Reboot re-work at the start of 2017, ANNA’s fan base is only getting stronger as she ascends to the top tier of female underground talent.

– Christina Hernandez

Maya Jane Coles

Maya Jane Coles is both simultaneously a DJ’s DJ, and a producer’s producer. On the live front, MCJ is known for her spell-binding performances, which can go anywhere from intimate and deep to loud and pummeling. Behind the studio chair, she’s crafted some of the most timeless remixes of the past few years of artists like Little Dragon and Ella Fitzgerald, in addition to putting out her stunning 2013 debut album, Comfort. If that’s not enough, she’s even got a not-so-secret 2-step side project called Nocturnal Sunshine.

– Michael Sundius

Nicole Moudaber

Nicole Moudaber is hailed as the “Queen” of techno by many for good reason. She’s been a favored part of the techno circuit for quite some time now, proliferating her pulsating, dark sounds across the globe alongside legendary acts like Carl Cox, Dubfire, and more. To boot, her MOOD imprint and radio show have grown wildly over the past five years, allowing her freedom not just to hone her own sound, but to feature incredible work by artists and colleagues she supports as well. Having just celebrated the 150th episode In The MOOD in addition to spending a good portion of the year on tour thus far, we don’t see any end to the unstoppable wave of success she continues to ride.

– Christina Hernandez


No list of dance music’s most illustrious women would be complete without REZZ. The femme fatale of mau5trap has accomplished more in her three years of making music than most artists dream to do in a lifetime. The prodigious Canadian producer purveyed an outstanding quantity of original music in 2016 – a trend which she’s dutifully continued this year. What’s more impressive, however, is that REZZ has managed to craft her own signature style through integrating certain elements of industrial midtempo techno into formidable bass music. REZZ’s ability to stupefy critics who attempt to reduce her to a certain genre this early in her career indicates a bright future on her horizon.

– Will McCarthy

J Phlip

Dirtybird’s resident matriarch J Phlip has established herself not only as one of the foremost talents of the legendary San Francisco-based crew, but as one of the most exciting tastemakers in the house and techno spectrum bar none. Her years spent diligently crate digging have cultivated an eclectic style chock full of acid, bass, and breaks. As both an accomplished producer and performer, J Phlip continues to uphold her reputation as one of the most compelling female artists in the underground.

– Michael Sundius


Alison Wonderland

Trained as a classical cellist, Alison Wonderland exploded onto the scene after her 2013 debut single, “Get Ready.” Teaming with legendary talent like Wayne Coyne from The Flaming Lips, she released an explosive track called “U Don’t Know” that was featured on her debut album, Run. As a part of a recent Australian electronic music explosion, driven by Flume’s rise to power, Allison Wonderland stands toe to toe with Djemba Djemba, Awe, and Lido as some of the most prominent electronic music producers from the land down under. Her most recent single, “Messiah” features vocals by Alison Wonderland herself, with production help by Australian hip-hop producer M-Phazes. Alison Wonderland’s ability to channel her musical talent into something innovative should not be under estimated.

– Ryan Hinkley


For years, Louisa Pillot has held a status one of the most skilled purveyors of the gritty electro-techno hybrid she helped popularize alongside producers of Brodinski and Gesaffelstein’s ilk. Once a regular on the recently-dismantled Bromance label, Louisahhh now stands at the helm her own imprint, RAAR, alongside fellow Bromance-affiliate Maelstrom. Past her contributions as an artist and label-head, Pillot is a prolific activist. In recent months, the producer has been outspoken in her advocacy for individuals struggling with depression and addiction, and has played a major role in DJs For Climate Action.

– Will McCarthy

Anna Müller (of HVOB)

While the rest of the artists on this list operate as solo acts, Anna Müller is one half of the Austrian duo HVOB. Alongside partner Paul Wallner, Müller stands out as one of the industry’s most compelling talents – and fittingly so, given that her group’s title is an abbreviation of “Her Voice Over Boys.” Müller has two LPs under her belt with HVOB, and a third collaborative album with Mumford & Sons’ Winston Marshall, slated for release later this month. A stirring talent as a vocalist, composer, and performer, Müller is one of dance music’s most exciting rising talents.

– Will McCarthy


Mija has truly made the most of her meteoric rise in the dance music space, and her creativity seems to know no bounds. Since her sudden emergence into the international dance spotlight a few short years ago, Phoenix-bred producer Amber Giles has hopped from one creative lily pad to the next, moving from music into fashion, modeling, and design. She’s become a key member of OWSLA’s roster, and her variant production style makes for a polarizing body of musical work. Since Mija was put on the map, she’s kept the pedal to the floor, and her ever-colorful output never ceases to pleasantly surprise us.

– David Klemow

Anna Lunoe

Aside from being a talented vocalist equipped with sharp production skills, Anna Lunoe has grown into one of our culture’s primary influencers, continually keeping a trendsetting finger on dance music’s pulse since her emergence. The Aussie selector has been one of the brightest crossover talents to emanate from down under, linking with American powerhouse imprints like OWSLA, Fool’s Gold, and Ultra Records. The “BDD” producer also broke down barriers last year as the first solo female act to play the EDC main stage. Anna Lunoe is bound to be a permanent fixture in electronic music’s growth for the foreseeable future. Behind her famed HYPERHOUSE Beats 1 residency show, Anna Lunoe is primed to join the ranks of Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, and Pete Tong as dance music’s next great tastemaker.

– David Klemow

Hannah Wants

Hailing from Birmingham, Hannah Wants bleeds vinyl. Rising from her grimy, garage roots of UK bass, Hannah Wants’ influence as a driving force in electrifying house music cannot be understated. Her bimonthly mixtape series are a recurring treat for those infatuated with wallowing low frequencies. From being named Mixmag’s “Star of the Year” in 2014, to landing an Essential Mix in 2015, Hannah Wants has earned her title as one of the biggest names in UK house music. In 2016, the British maven toured through high-profile clubs and festivals around the world, and in 2017 she’s launched her own tour series called PLAY – intended as “dark, raw raves with a contemporary twist.”

– Ryan Hinkley

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