Bedouin – No Trace (Original Mix)No Trace Bedouin

Bedouin – No Trace (Original Mix)

TrueColors is the latest imprint to arise from the underground, and if their first release says anything, they are definitely one to follow. Specializing in the more global, mystical shades of deep house and deep tech, the fledgling label recruited Stavroz, Nu, Bedouin, and Zigan Aldi to contribute to their first collaborative EP, Foresight.

Bedouin’s contribution was first introduced during the duo’s debut Essential Mix, and is potentially one of their most memorable songs to date. The duo start off the arrangement slowly, building tension with warm cello notes and tingling synths. Out of nowhere, the song explodes into a wild melody played out by a desert woodwind that sends chills down the entire body while leaving the mind paralyzed in awe. It’s an absolute weapon of a track whose shocking centerpiece will remain on fans’ minds for years to come.

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