Carnage makes a future bass remix of Khalid’s ‘Angels’Carnage Rukes

Carnage makes a future bass remix of Khalid’s ‘Angels’

Festival trap king and Chipotle gang leader Carnage has targeted rising teen sensation Khalid as his next remix subject. Not to be confused with DJ Khaled, Khalid is a vocalist hailing from Texas whose music has enraptured American R&B fans.

In typical Carnage fashion, the superstar DJ reworks Khalid’s infectious vocal number “Angels” into a bass-laden tune guaranteed to appeal to his fan base. However, rather than using his usual raucous blend of high-pitched saw synths and hardstyle-accented trap drops, the DJ opted to adopt a future bass sound tp provide a more mellow rendition of the original production.

Stream Carnage’s remix of Khalid’s “Angels” below:

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