Crankdat issues re-work of Mija’s ‘Secrets’Secrets Crankdat Remi

Crankdat issues re-work of Mija’s ‘Secrets’

Rising future bass star Crankdat is back again with another delectable remix, this time of Mija’s DnB-inspired track, “Secrets.” As per usual, the Ohio-based producer does a formidable job in translating the piece into a work of his own, but this time, he shows a different side of his sonic character. Maintaining the heavier aesthetic of the original, Crankdat fashions a highly-charged fusion of dubstep and DnB as his interpretation’s centerpiece, allowing a brief break to listeners with a light, melodic breakdown before launching back into a medley of heavy bass and emphasized synths.

Some may wonder how Crankdat finds inspiration to create such well-made remixes. He answered this much-asked question within this remix’s description: “For me, there really is no process. Sometimes I’ll hear a song, and instantly something goes off in my brain that starts filling in other melody lines and chords, or that has me hear the vocal in a different way.”

Stream Crankdat’s remix of “Secrets” below:

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