[Updated] deadmau5 notes his own ‘Ghost In The Shell’ remix after Aoki’s takeDed

[Updated] deadmau5 notes his own ‘Ghost In The Shell’ remix after Aoki’s take

Update: It has come to our attention that the initial report of deadmau5 decrying Steve Aoki’s Ghost In The Shell remix on Twitter is inaccurate. Zimmerman did reference his own take on Ghost In The Shell. However, his later tweet regarding Ibiza’s Amnesia nightclub appears to be a reference to Paris Hilton’s booking at the venue, which is unrelated to Aoki. We apologize for the mistake in reporting.

As part of the marketing campaign leading up its release March 31, the filmmakers behind the live-action remake of the anime classic Ghost in the Shell contracted Steve Aoki to produce a remix of the film’s classic theme. While generally unoffensive and a slightly outside the box marketing technique, Aoki’s remix did leave one notable individual rankled: deadmau5.

In a series of tweets, the mau5trap head went on a brief screed condemning Aoki’s remix.

While it is typical of deadmau5 to go ad hominem in his Twitter rants, his take on the Ghost in the Shell has made appearances in his sets throughout the years. While preference between the two producers’ versions is subjective, one thing is without doubt: the producers of the new film will certainly appreciate the free publicity.


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