deadmau5’s new cube 2.1 stage is ‘the world’s most transformative DJ stand’DEADMAU5 21 Small 1

deadmau5’s new cube 2.1 stage is ‘the world’s most transformative DJ stand’

Deadmau5’s cube stage is easily one of the most iconic hallmarks of his brand. Over the past year, the Canadian producer has been teasing a fully revamped Cube 2.1 stage ahead of its official debut on his ‘lots of shows in a row’ tour. With the cube finally completed, Zimmerman has teamed up with TAIT — the design company charged with helping bring his vision to life — to offer an in-depth video series explaining the technical prowess of the stage.

Deadmau5 and TAIT’s third video in the series explores the advanced pixel mapping of the stage, which boasts a dynamic 16 automation boxes each cable of independent graphics and movement. The video also shows off some glorious new projections on the cube, and is further evidence that deadmau5’s latest project is likely his most ambitious production to date.

Adam Davis, the chief creative officer from TAIT, calls the stage the “world’s most transformative DJ stand,” before further describing it as “something which can evolve with the energy of the evening, and is completely synchronized not only with the music but with the media.” Add this to the fact that the new stage is significantly larger than the old cube, and deadmau5 fans are certainly in for a treat when his tour officially commences in late March.

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