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Enter London Modular: the showroom that sells synths to Radiohead

Some of the most influential names in electronic music head to the humble London Modular showroom in post-industrial Hackney Wick to piece together unique modular synths.

High profile frequenters of London Modular include Tessela, Mumdance, Thom Yorke, Russell Haswell, and Radiohead. These artists, and thousands more, create innovative sounds thanks to London Modular owners Phil Ventre and Simon Lynch. Founded in 2013, London Modular allows producers, intrigued rookies and collectors alike to explore new sonic realms by mixing and matching unique boards.

London Modular helps its patrons push the sonic envelope by experiencing the hands-on music making method of modular synthesis. In the video below, Phil and Simon speculate why London Modular ships synth boards to Cornwall so often, and explore the growing use of patching with the modular synth. Their most valued possession, a Buchla previously owned by Massive Attack, makes a guest appearance in the video from The Vinyl Factory. Watch the video below, and head to their storefront at 14 Felstead Street, London, E9 5LT, United Kingdom to get a closer look.

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