Instupendo – Save (Original Mix)Instupendo Save

Instupendo – Save (Original Mix)

Philadelphia-based producer Instupendo is poised for big things. His unique, dreamy sound was established with a string of strong releases that earned him fans organically through word of mouth and Soundcloud plays. Now the artist is gearing up for the release of his debut EP Friend of a Friend, set to drop in May, with the release of its first single “Save.”

Anchored by a repeating vocal phrase, “Save” is another strong example of Instupendo’s sound. Like all of his tracks, it takes its time to fully unfurl and, when it does, creates a lush, calming atmosphere. What at first appears to be a fairly minimalist production subtly reveals itself to be one of judicious tweaks and minor variations that keep it interesting and sonically-pleasing throughout its course.

As a bonus, Instupendo has released his first music video for his track “Light Lock.” Made in collaboration with More Than Basic, a collective of French film students, it is not what one would expect to accompany the producer’s sound at first blush. However, as the video progresses, the dream-like qualities inherent to his style soon become reflected back in the visuals.

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