JayKode – Roll Out (Original Mix)Roll Out Artwork

JayKode – Roll Out (Original Mix)

JayKode has mastered the art of melodic bass music. The Los Angeles producer champions a diverse style that runs the gamut from glistening trap to classical-infused dubstep. For his latest single “Roll Out,” JayKode has returned to Buygore after previously releasing “Beehive” and “Origin” with the label.

“Roll Out” continues JayKode’s genre-bending trend as demonstrated on previous singles like “Break It Down” and “Know Better.” Though landing in twerk territory from a tempo standpoint, the arrangement doesn’t quite resemble anything you’d typically find in the genre. The song boasts a larger-than-life synth medley for instance, while also integrating elements of classical piano and cinematic sound design for a truly fresh concoction.

JayKode’s “Roll Out” is out on Buygore now. Stream it below.

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