Launchpad: Exploring the sounds of the undergroundLaunchpad 1

Launchpad: Exploring the sounds of the underground

The Launchpad is a biweekly series showcasing hot new music hand selected by our staff. The tracks in these curated playlists come from both underground and mainstream artists that we love. If you’d like to see your music featured in the Launchpad, you can submit it for consideration here.

Today we embark on a journey deep into the sounds of the underground. Turning away from the mainstream dance music, this week we will traverse through techno, tech house, and the deeper cuts that will fill any dance-floor.


Pavel Petrov has recently given an upbeat tech house makeover to Daniele Di Martino’s recent release, “Tendency.” Comprised of punctuated percussion patterns, a deep bass-line groove, and plenty of tribal samples, this remix will take listeners on a spiritual journey into the deeper side of the dance music spectrum.

Italian-based producer Luca Guerrieri has released a haunting new original to his already impressive house arsenal. “Neptune” packs a notable punch with its massive bass growls, ominous synth melodies, and thoughtful drum samples.

Jim Jam’s “Liftin'” is an addictive deep house tune that will induce a heightened sense of euphoria for just about any listener. “Liftin” stands tall with it’s perpetually-driving bass-line, transposed vocal samples, and 4 to the floor kick pattern.

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