Listen to Daft Punk’s debut Essential Mix on its 20th AnniversaryDaft Punk Album Giorgio Moroder

Listen to Daft Punk’s debut Essential Mix on its 20th Anniversary

Finish the week off with a mix from one of the most influential and storied dance acts of all time. For as long as we can remember, Pete Tong and his legendary Essential Mix have been taking over the airwaves of BBC Radio 1 to showcase the world’s greatest DJs in a two-hour recorded mix. This twenty year old segment came out the same year Daft Punk debuted their first album, Homework, which is largely said to have redefined electronic music and paved the way for what house music would become.

Blending hip hop sounds with their fresh take on jacking house grooves, this two-hour mix will even appeal to those dance music fans who were still wearing diapers when these two French phenoms began their ascent into the dance music mythos. They shattered the limits of what dance music could be and pioneered a wave of producers that would change the world of music as we know it.