Manipulate music with Sony’s new Motion Sonic WristbandSony Logo 1

Manipulate music with Sony’s new Motion Sonic Wristband

As part of their Sonic Motion Project, Sony has developed a wristband equipped with microphones and sensors that captures data on the angle, acceleration, and rotation of an arm or leg’s movement, that turns┬áthe user’s limbs into musical instruments.

Sony has tested the motion sonic wristband in various situations ranging from a simple air guitar motion to a choreographed routine performed by a full dance troupe. The wristband itself does not produce any sound but instead streams the audio through external speakers.

Sony’s motion sonic wristband is a fresh concept that could potentially help pave the way for other wearable devices and accessories that go beyond the realm of fashion and fitness. Though a consumer release isn’t anticipated, the wristband is currently being showcased at this year’s SXSW.


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