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Mija captures her travels in ‘Secrets’ music video

Amber Giles, otherwise known as Mija, delivers a surreal black and white music video to complement her recent release, “Secrets” – a slowed-down drum and bass track featuring vocals from Tegan & Sara. The video features a montage from Mija’s tours and travel over the past year. From private jets and high end clubs to cigarettes and ice cream cones, this video captures the eccentric life of one of OWSLA’s unique artists. Fellow DJs such as Skrillex, A-Trak, and Jauz make cameos in the video as well.

Fans who follow her may have noticed just how big 2016 was for Mija. Her Fk A Genre Tour led her to a dozen stops around the United States. From performing at Daft Punk’s Pop-Up show to releasing her own clothing line, the artist’s docket for the past year was stacked. This video aptly captures the surreal chaos and confusion that must have ensued on her adventures.

Watch the video for “Secrets” in the above-text player.

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