Output announces breathtaking new modern strings engine, ‘Analog Strings’01 AnalogStrings Main

Output announces breathtaking new modern strings engine, ‘Analog Strings’

In the world of music production, few companies can rival the consistency and innovation of Output. The Los Angeles-based design team has a knack for dreaming up futuristic instruments and delivering them in easy-to-use software format. Following their groundbreaking vocal engine Exhale and their crafty rhythm unit Movement, the lauded design team has revealed their latest creation: Analog Strings.

Analog Strings is a jaw-dropping modern strings engine which melds gorgeously sampled strings with rare vintage synths for a truly remarkable blend of sounds. As usual, Output’s intuitive modulation capabilities provide endless potential for customization, making for an appealing new instrument that looks just as cutting edge as past offerings.

To demonstrate the potential of Analog Strings, the team at Output created a stirring performance video, which can be viewed below.

Analog Strings is on sale now on Output’s website, starting at $199.

•    A playable instrument with 500 presets
•    39 GB sound library (20 GB compressed)
•    Syncs to tempo
•    Powerful dual-layer engine
•    Preset menu with smart tagging
•    Layer FX and global FX
•    4 central macro sliders unique to each preset
•    Dual arpeggiators
•    Built-in help menu

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