Premiere: Carl Louis – Easy (feat. Frøder)CarlLouis Easy

Premiere: Carl Louis – Easy (feat. Frøder)

Big changes always provide their own particular difficulties, but Carl Louis, formerly a member of CLMD, has managed a smooth transition into his solo career with the aptly titled “Easy.” Featuring vocals from fellow Norwegian Frøder, the track’s most defining feature is it’s restrained, yet palpable, optimism.

Louis had a specific vision in mind when producing this track: “‘Easy’ is a song about a fictional character called Easy who´s stuck in a valley with only the moon to guide him home.” Frøder’s airy vocals and flitting synths that fade in and out are, indeed, evocative of moonlight filtering through a clear night to the listener. The final piece comes courtesy of Louis’ measured percussion, a shuffling combination of kick drums and hi-hats that provide locomotion to the rest of the piece.


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