Rinzen provides sinister original debut, ‘Renegade,’ on mau5trapRinzen WAF V6

Rinzen provides sinister original debut, ‘Renegade,’ on mau5trap

“Rinzen” comes from the Japanese word for “Sudden Awakening.” The swiftly burgeoning LA-based producer who adopted this proverb as the moniker for his recently-launched production project likely has profound intentions for its use in his artist narrative that are yet to become apparent to his audience. However, in his nascent career, Rinzen’s adoption of the label seems uncannily prophetic for his induction into the music industry.

Indeed, Rinzen has entered into the musical realm through a “Sudden Awakening” of his own. Though the artist’s deftly-honed skills clearly indicate that he is no novice to production, his career was totally silent prior to his first release earlier this year – an official remix of Giorgio Moroder’s “Good For You.” For an artist to receive a co-sign from the legendary Italian producer on his debut release is quite an abrupt propulsion in and of itself.

Yet, where the producer truly falls into the paradigm prefaced by his moniker is in the magnitude of his inaugural original release. With “Renegade,” Rinzen lets his true sonic character shine for the first time in one of the most rousing fashions possible – via deadmau5’s mau5trap imprint.

Released today, March 24, as part of mau5trap’s We Are Friends Vol. 6 compilation, “Renegade” marks a clear deviation from the producer’s more buoyant Moroder remix. For the single, Rinzen builds a melange of techno, progressive, and house influences into something entirely his own. “Renegade” possesses the menace of Gesaffelstein and the eldritch essence of Recondite, but blends sinister synthesis with club-germane percussion.

A look back through the roster of careers which deadmau5 has helped launch through his label indicates a pattern of producers with a unique knack for fusing tastefully elements of contemporary musical trends into something all their own. Skrillex, Feed Me, ATTLAS, and REZZ all come to mind.

A listen through “Renegade” makes it easy to see why Mr. Zimmerman has welcomed Rinzen into this pantheon.

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