Skrillex didn’t just collaborate with Incubus, he produced their entire upcoming recordSkrille Incubus

Skrillex didn’t just collaborate with Incubus, he produced their entire upcoming record

Skrillex is becoming one of this generation’s most prolific producers. Hip-hop and pop music have had them for a long time with figures like Timbaland and Dr. Dre, Mark Ronson and Quincey Jones. But in the modern day, increasingly technological music production space, genre boundaries exist less and less, and digital collaboration becomes more seamless and organic by the day. Skrillex may be the epitomizing artistic example of these advancements, working with everyone from Fifth Harmony to his former screamo outfit From First To Last, everywhere from planes over the Atlantic to hotel rooms in Argentina. Most recently he’s linked up with Incubus for what was thought to be a collaboration on their eighth studio record, but now it appears the OWSLA-naut was much more involved in the LP’s production than anyone initially thought. In fact, he co-produced and mixed the entire album.

In an interview with Incubus on Beats 1, the band’s frontman Brandon Boyd details how Sonny became so engrained in the album’s production. Following his work on “Familiar Faces,” the band slowly began sharing other offerings on the album with Skrillex, working in his creative input, and eventually, the entire record apparently underwent a Skrillex production reinvention of sorts. Boyd elaborates around 8 minutes in,

“We kind of, in a very organic way thought, ‘Hey, maybe we should address a couple of other songs that could use some changing in some way.’ We just had no idea. We ended up just going through the entire album.”

The LA-based label head has an unparalleled ear and the midas touch. Skrillex has production credits with everyone from Justin Bieber to Incubus, and no project seems to be too far outside of his wheelhouse. There aren’t too many producers out there with such colorful rap sheets, but at this point it may not be far off to claim that we’re looking at our generation’s Rick Rubin.

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