SoundCloud extends revenue share feature to cover mixes and remixesSoundcloud Ad

SoundCloud extends revenue share feature to cover mixes and remixes

Online streaming giant SoundCloud has announced a new feature which will allow DJs and producers to monetize their sets and remixes. It is currently an invite-only feature; the first time SoundCloud has tried to monetize “recorded and live sets, remixes, and other user-generated content.”

This feature is an addition to the prevailing subscription pricing option, in addition to “SoundCloud Premier” – a revenue-share model introduced specifically for users to make money off uploads. The system works by paying a fraction of the revenue a track generates based off its performance. The criteria for “performance” are the share of engagement and listening time of the particular track.

Although the new “mix monetization” feature has still not been integrated into the website completely, it seems like a novel concept and might be able to save the struggling website by encouraging users to post more frequently, resulting in more traffic being directed to the platform.


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