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Spotify may expand to lossless music content

Spotify seems to be the general public’s go to platform for music streaming. Reports suggest that over 40 million users have subscribed to the paid version of the app, with over 100 million total users tuning in to catch the latest releases in the music world.

Interestingly, there are rumours that strongly suggest that the streaming juggernaut might be ready to expand their music content to include lossless formats like .FLAC. An unsuspecting user accidentally stumbled across a “special offer” while browsing the app, which allowed users to upgrade to “hi-fi quality lossless” music. After posting the curious development on Reddit, it was found that Spotify participated in a mail-based survey around two weeks ago, inquiring whether users would be ready to pay an extra five dollars to upgrade to lossless music content.

The new plan is expected to cost around seven and half dollars over the existing premium subscription.

Via: Magnetic Mag

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