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Steve Aoki remixed the theme to ‘Ghost in the Shell’

Whatever one’s feelings regarding his cake-related antics, Steve Aoki can’t be accused of not going out on a limb. The producer has remixed pop punk icons Blink-182 and teamed up with the legendary Bill Nye for a track on the latter’s new Netflix show. It should be no shock then that Aoki has taken on the challenge of remixing the theme from the legendary anime film Ghost in the Shell.

As part of the campaign leading up to the live-action remake of Ghost in the Shell, starring, somewhat controversially, Scarlett Johansson, Aoki matches the film’s gritty and futuristic aesthetic with a thumping remix. Possessing a palpable edge, a relentless thud of a kick drum propels the track while sonic slashes occupy the upper registers. No word on whether Aoki’s remix will receive an official release, though it is likely to make an appearance in the film itself when it reaches theaters March 31.

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