‘Stranger Things’ vinyl box sets to be released July 14Stranger Things

‘Stranger Things’ vinyl box sets to be released July 14

Those who are fans of the award-winning phenomena that took Netflix streaming to new heights in 2016 likely also appreciate the original soundtrack’s 36 songs, curated by Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon of the electronic band S U R V I V E. Last year, Lakeshore Records and Invada Records announced that they would eventually be releasing vinyl sets for the ‘Stranger Things’ tastefully dark and synth-heavy soundtrack. Now, details have finally been leaked regarding a summer release of a deluxe vinyl box set.

The vinyl, which will include all the songs from the series’ first season, will come with artwork, notes from the show’s creators and composers, a brand new poster, and a set of character cards. However, Lakeshore and Invada are allowing fans to choose between two vinyl color options and two sets of specified character cards. Volume 1 will include character cards with all the children of the show, while Volume 2 will portray all the adults. Fans have the option to choose between Eleven and Joyce Byers, or Chief Hopper and Will’s best friend, Mike.

These exclusive vinyl sets, which will be released on July 14, just might be enough to help tide fans over until Stranger Things’ second season premiere this Halloween.

‘Stranger Things’ vinyl box sets to be released July 14StrangerThingsVolume1

‘Stranger Things’ vinyl box sets to be released July 14StrangerThingsVolume2

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