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Stream Bassnectar’s remix of Noisia’s ‘Get Deaded’

On April 7, DnB influencers Noisia will release the 20-track remix collection for their 2016 LP, Outer Edges. While the remix album has been highly publicized because of deadmau5’s “Collider” remix — a production that is no longer on the package — its rollout has been rather covert; all of the other remixers have remained secret thus far aside from Camo & Krooked and Machinedrum, who revised “Entangled” and “Get Deaded,” respectively.

Today, March 29, Noisia have revealed another illustrious remixer to the latter song: Bassnectar. For his take on “Get Deaded,” Lorin Ashton rearranges the interruptive percussive patterns of the original production into a festival-ready structure. In terms of synthesis, Bassnectar opts to strengthen Noisia’s own bass and brass-laden composition into a gain-heavy, high octane end result.

In the ongoing festival season, this remix is poised to be a prevalent component in sets from Noisia and Bassnectar alike.

Bassnectar had this to say about the remix:

“I’ve been a fan of Noisia for longer than I can remember, always looked up to them as musical gods :) When i first heard ‘Get Deaded’ last summer i immediately made the ugly face, and threw this edit together so i could play it in my sets – their original drop is super crazy and abstract and totally loco, but i wanted to just kind of steady the groove out a bit, and lock it into place as more of a straight down the plate banger. When they said they wanted to release it, I was honored, but I think it should be called “version” more than “remix” – because I wasn’t trying to change anything, i just wanted to tweak it a bit so it fit into my sets – crushes crowds everytime”


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